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Family Photography Capturing Your Memories

 Family Photography With a Difference

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 Welcome to Ken Reid Family Photography

Family photography is all about capturing memories.  In the era of digital photography, it’s so easy to take photos.  It’s not so easy to find them again on your computer tablet or iphone .   You get used to seeing transient images which float by your eyes.  Always small, always personal to view on your own screen, rarely enjoyed together with your loved ones and friends.

Many people still choose to have beautifully framed family photographs with pride of place in their home.  The images are there every day to enjoy and share with your friends and family.   You may reflect at how quickly your children have grown up but still enjoy those cute expression from what seems like yesterday.

The  great thing about family wall art is that it’s all yours and it’s just there to see, making you smile every day.   The framing you chose suits your decor and style.  The picture size is in perfect proportion for the size of your wall so that it blends in seamlessly.

Family photography sessions are always fun.  I always prefer outdoor sessions but we live in Scotland so sometimes retreating indoors is the best option.   You may feel that it’s always too difficult to organise everyone for a visit to the photography studio.  I make life easier for you by visiting you.  We’ll do the photography session at your home, in the garden or at your favourite countryside location.  Or what about the beach ?

I’ll plan the photography session with you to make sure that the images I capture match your style.  I’ll also guide you when it comes to choosing your wall portraits.  You can choose a framed or contemporary finish depending on your tastes.


If you’ve decided that you want to find out more or book an appointment just call me on 0141 255 0462 or fill in the enquiry form.



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