Family Photography Capturing Your Memories

Welcome to Ken Reid Family Photography

It would be great to get a really nice family portrait of everyone together.

Your husband has a good camera and takes lots of great photos but what you don’t have is a photo of you all together. Most of the photos end up on the computer with a few that managed to make it to print are sitting in small frames round the house.

You’d like to get a really nice family portrait. Your home would feel more complete. You would have something that friends and family would really admire.

Maybe you’ve seen the beautiful wall portraits that some of your friends have and you’d like something similar but more personal and special for you.

You are always busy with your own work and organising the children. You worry that a studio session could go wrong as you drag along your unwilling subject and the children. You’ve heard that some studios use high pressure sales tactics and your concerned that you may end up buying a big expensive portrait that you regret later

So what’s different about Ken Reid Photography ?

Your fun day out

To get that happy fun look, everyone needs to be relaxed in front of the camera. Your photography session will take place in a location that is meaningful to you and your family at a time and pace that suits you.

Your photography session is designed to be an enjoyable family experience that even your husband will enjoy !

The detail is in the planning

Before we ever book your session, we’ll meet at your home to plan the photography and plan the kind of portraits that you’d really like. You can start thinking about where you’ll hang your portraits and I’ll show you a variety of finishes (framed or contemporary) to choose from.

Your time is valuable

How will you choose your favourite images ? How can you be sure what they’ll look like on the wall ? You don’t want to spend valuable time trekking off to a studio to view your images.

After your photo session , I’ll visit you again with my projector and screen to help you choose your portraits. If I’ve taken photos of your rooms before hand, my software can show you exactly how your finished portrait will look in your own home.

I even deliver your finished portraits. If you want, I’ll help hang them for you.

I guarantee everything.

If you are not delighted you don’t pay a penny. You may order a very big very expensive portrait but if you  decide that it’s not right I’ll replace it, refund your money or re-do the photo session to capture the image you really want.

Your Kind of Photography Service

If you are looking for a more personal photography service which gives you more time to enjoy the experience,  then this is the site for you.  Most people want to browse a while but if you want to find out more straight away, I’m always happy to visit you for a free consultation.

Call me on 0141 255 0462 to find out more.