Dog Photography

Dog Photography


I Love My Dog

We all love our dogs.  My dog is called Bonnie.  She’s the Brittany Spaniel  in the photo above.

We have this photo hanging in our kitchen as a big wall portrait.  The kitchen is Bonnie’s main room in the house so we get lots of admiring comments from friends and family.

Photographing Your Dog

You love your dog.  Always faithful, fun and sometimes obedient.  You’re with them every day and they always love you back.  But sometimes you just take them for granted, thinking that they’ll always be there.  

Your once bouncy puppy quickly will quickly change into a sensible adult dog (Bonnie is 6 now and I’m still waiting !).   Although our pets live life to the full, they have a very short lifespan compared to us humans.  So if you want to capture these memories you can’t really afford to wait.  

How many times have you thought to yourself something like “..funny dog, I wish I’d got a photo of that..”

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