Family Photographs Bothwell

Here are a few images from a set of recent family photographs taken at the family’s home in Bothwell.

Family photography is always fun to do but you can never be sure exactly how it’s going to turn out with young children involved.    As they say, you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  Getting two young boys both happy at the same time and both looking at the camera at the same time is always a bit of a challenge.

That’s where the advantage of family photography in the client’s home or on location comes in.  Everyone tends to be more relaxed because they are in their own familiar environment.  Small boys have their competitive moments.  I can wait until they’ve settled down and everyone is happy before I continue with the photography.   There’s also the opportunity to take a bit more variety with some indoors and outdoors photography.

In the end I was really pleased with this session especially because the family dog, Tilly also agreed to pose for the main event.  Here are the images that they chose.   The family group was mounted as a 30 x30 inch print in a black frame with a white mount.  It looks great.


Family photograph Bothwell Cheeky BoyFamily photograph Bothwell  Happy BoyFamily Photograph Bothwell Mum & DadFamily Group Photograph Bothwell






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