Planning Your Portraits

How To Choose The Portrait Style That’s Right For You

Many people book a photographer for that great family portrait but they haven’t really thought about what this actually means.  If they just offer prints or images on a usb, you are then left to get the images printed and framed.  Your photographer may offer a choice of traditional frames as well as frameless edge prints or canvases.  So here’s your dilemma.  What style do you choose ? What size for you choose ? Where will you hang your images ?  Do you choose one outstanding large portrait or a few smaller ones ?

Without some guidance it can be difficult to make that choices that you’ll be really happy with.  Yes, a bit of help would be nice !

Start With A Preview Meeting

Ideally you want a planning session to decide on the style of photographs that you’d like.  The planning session would also give you an idea of the wall portrait style that you like. Traditional framed or something more contemporary, you’ll know what suits your home.  What size and where to put it are also key questions.  It’s great to have these thoughts in mind before you get to choosing images at your sales session.

Some Portrait Ideas To Get You Started

Look to the side to see a few examples of finished wall portraits as they can be displayed.  You’ll see a couple of examples of traditional framed portraits.

For a big wall spaces like these you really need a lager print to fill it.  The outdoor family group  shown on this wall is 36×24 inches.  To look at, this portrait would seem huge if you just held it up.  When placed on the wall though, it’s actually a fine size.

For a more contemporary feel you can choose a frameless style.  These go well in a more modern type of home.  You can choose a stylish high gloss acrylic finish with a coloured edge to match the portrait. Alternatively you might prefer a stunning aluminium print with vibrant colours and a sleek finish to match any room.

Sometimes a group of smaller portraits or a medium sized portrait matched with too smaller ones works well.  You can see an example with the two girls.   A simple black frame often really complements this style, photographed against a dark background.  Here we have a main portrait with a 36×24 inch mounted print.  The two girls portrait is a mounted 20×16 inch portrait and the smaller images are 8×6 inch prints.

Where Do I Start ?

It’s all about choosing what’s right for you and your family.  The main thing to remember is that the process starts well before the cameras appear.  Your preview meeting is our chance to meet.  At this meeting you’ll see real sized examples of my work similar to the portraits illustrated here.  We’ll discuss your options for locations and backgrounds and help you choose your style for presentation of the final images.

What about the cost ?

I’ll share my price list along with the sample portraits so you will have an idea of how much you’re likely to spend.

You Decide

There’s no obligation at the preview stage.  You decide at this stage if you want to book your photography session.


Wall Portrait Room View Ken Reid Photography
Wall Portrait Room View Ken Reid Photography
Wall Portrait Room View Ken Reid Photography
Wall Portrait Room View Ken Reid Photography

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